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La Grotta di Domica - (Domica Cave)

Position:  Slovensky kras, Silicka planina
                 cadastral area Kecovo,
                 district Roznava, Kosicky region
Length of pathway: A - 780 m, B - 1560 m
Duration of the guided tour: A - 45 min., B - 85 min.
Open for the public: 1.2.-31.12.
Closed: 1.1.-31.1., 24.-26.12., on Mondays
Address: 049 55 Dlha Ves
Phone: +421/ (0)58/ 788 20 10
E-mail: domica@ssj.sk

Situated on the south-western edge of the Silicka Plateau in the Slovak Paradise, in the National Nature Reserve Domicke Karren, in the Protected Landscape Area and Biospherical Reserve of the Slovak Paradise. It was formed in the Middle Triassic limestones  by underground streams of Styx and Domica, at three developmental levels. Overall cave length is 5,358 m. It forms a genetically compact entity with the Baradla Cave in Hungary. Shields and drums, cascade pools, onion-shaped stalactites and pagoda-like stalagmites are typical for its rich sinter filling. Among bats prevails Rhinolophus euryale, forming here the most abundant colony in Slovakia. It is the most important finding-place of the Neolithic „bukovohorska" culture (4,000 years B.C.). Finding of   spear spike from the Early Stone Age - Szeletien - from 35,000 years ago is unique. The Old Domica Cave has been known for a long time. Its continuation into the new spaces was discovered in 1926. It was open to the public in  1932, including an underground boat trip. Currently, the show cave track is 1,315 m, including a 140 m boat trip.

La gestione delle grotte slovacche

Hodzova 11, 031 01 Liptovsky Mikulas
Tel.: + 421 44 5536101, 5536221
Fax: + 421 44 5536311

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